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Root Canals

A root canal treatment can save your tooth that is infected or severely decayed. Root canals are performed whenever it is possible to save your tooth and avoid tooth extraction.

While many patients are uncomfortable when a root canal is suggested, most will gladly report that a root canal is no more uncomfortable than a standard dental filling once the infection is removed.

What To Expect with a Root Canal

The root canal is the interior of your tooth where the pulp and nerves are located. Root canal treatment is required when a tooth is damaged, or has an infection that reaches into the center of the tooth. Tooth pain is usually the first thing patients feel when there is an infection or decay in the tooth.

If a root canal is recommended, we will explain the process prior to your treatment and make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. An anesthetic will be used to numb the area to be treated so you should feel no pain. The tooth will be opened with a tiny hole in the back and the infected tissue will be removed. We then fill the pulp chamber with a biocompatible material to avoid further infection and then reseal the tooth.

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